Our Team

Our professional crew of experienced technicians are trained to recognize the best solution for your security needs.

Why Our Customers Love Us

Ninety percent of ASAP Locksmith & Security’s business has always been “Word of Mouth” where “Your Safety is Our Success.” We have seen lock types from skeleton keys to Biometrics finger print locks, the design of the locks are still the same; the only difference is the method to open them.

Our professional team at ASAP Locksmith and Security has seen many different scenarios of security issues. Our experienced technicians are trained to recognize your security needs and work with you for the best solution. Prevention is the key to safety and securing your family or business.

Offering a full menu of services from emergency roadside assistance calls to commercial security system services, ASAP Locksmith and Security has one of the most extensive skillset teams with a full service time schedule to meet your needs and keep you from being stranded or locked out any longer than you need to be. ASAP Locksmith and Security provides high-quality service in the Greenville, SC and Spartanburg, SC. We strive to provide you with friendly, prompt service to ensure you the best experience in the Greenville-Spartanburg area of Upstate South Carolina.

How Far Will We Go?

Our Team Has Big Reach!

While we offer most of our services to the Upper South Carolina and Western North Carolina areas, we can send a team to Tennessee, and Georgia as well. Contact us to find out if we cover your location and if we can’t we can help find you someone who can.

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