Security Equipment & Installations

Your resources are secure with us. Our team of experienced technicians can install a wide range of leading edge security technology for your business or home.

Personal & Business Security

Locks are essential to personal and business security. However, it can be aggravating when you accidentally lock yourself out. While you could spend hours attempting to break into your own home, car or business, hiring a professional locksmith in Spartanburg, SC or Greenville, SC can quickly get you inside without damaging your property. Experienced professional locksmiths offer a range of security-related services and can handle almost any problem you may experience. While lock-picking may look simple, a small mistake can easily lead to a broken lock, which can be expensive to fix. If a mishap results in a broken lock, experienced locksmiths can repair the damage and get you back into your house, vehicle or business.

Commercial Locks & Cameras

You have options. Lock and Safety Equipment for small businesses and larger corporations are extremely important to protect your investment and your employees. You need the right security and surveillance equipment for the size of your business. If you are located in Spartanburg, SC or Greenville, SC call us for more information. We would be glad to meet with you and discuss your options.

Residential Locks & Cameras

We offer locksmith services and safety equipment for your home that can best fit your needs. It means a great deal to have peace-of-mind to allow you and your family to feel safer in your own home with a home safety equipment and/or property surveillance cameras. If you are located in Spartanburg, SC or Greenville, SC call us for more information.

Automotive Services

Keys for modern vehicles often include a coded chip to your particular car, and keys without the chip cannot open the lock, even if they are otherwise identical to the original key. A good locksmith company has the facilities to create new or duplicate keys that are programmed for your car and should also be able to provide remote access repairs. In addition, if your key has broken off inside your lock, professionals can remove the broken piece and make replacement keys. When you’re locked out, be sure to find a professional auto locksmith near Spartanburg SC or Greenville SC, that offers speedy service. Some companies may take hours to get to you, but hiring a locksmith with a reputation for quick arrival can save you valuable time and reduce stress.

Most reputable companies can handle foreign and domestic vehicles, and an experienced locksmith can get you into your car without damaging the door or lock. Find a local locksmith in Spartanburg, SC or Greenville, SC for any auto security needs. Good companies offer a variety of services, including lock repairs, lock changes, broken key extraction and duplicate key creation. With the right locksmith service, you can be in your car and on the go again in no time.

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